If all you are looking for is casual sex and you don’t care much about whether or not she has a brain or a personality, then stuff about ’shared values’. But if you are looking for something a bit more serious and long-term, take your time getting to know her before getting into boyfriend-girlfriend behavior.

Women like to be wooed, not jumped on. They like to get to know you and trust you before getting down and dirty. By skillful use of certain NLP-style rapport techniques, you can help her to have that feeling of knowing and trusting you pretty quickly, but you do need to put in the hours developing those skills – like anything worthwhile. Don’t be in a hurry to start or to finish. Women take longer to get aroused than men, but once they are up there they can stay hot for way longer than most men can. If you want to have the self-confidence to approach any woman you choose and the self-esteem to brush off the occasional rejection without a second thought, then practice the skill and you will definitely get the hang of it.

Love is a beautiful feeling and lovers always want to stay together. But what if both the lovers are miles away? Then this wonderful feeling becomes pangs of loneliness and great self-restraint to avoid being swayed away towards other members of the opposite sex. Long Distance love is not only painful to hear but also difficult to maintain.

Every couple has a unique reason for staying away, but all of them have the same concern: How to make their long-distance love a success? Following tips will help you maintain a long-distance relationship:

Ø Communicate: Good communication is the key. No relationship lasts without communiqué. The first thing on your list should be to be in regular touch. Make sure, that you talk a lot, share all the stuff that you would have, assuming that you are close to each other. Remember, the less you see, the more you need to hear from each other.

Pick up the phone or sit in front of the computer every day and chat with your partner for at least 15 minutes. Instant Messages like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc. are a great and a reasonable way to keep in touch. Plus, everyone loves emoticons. ??

Send an email or e-greeting, expressing your love. Also, receiving a letter from the regular posts creates magic.

It is also essential to talk beyond love and “miss you’s”. In order to retain the sense of belongingness and dependency on each other, discuss your daily life, ups and downs.

It’s not passion that ends long-distance love, but usually lacks communication, and hence it is essential that you dream and plan for the next holiday in order to show that you still care and are there always.

When couples are able to communicate with each other the love, care and concern in a long-distance relationship effectively, the spark never dies away and love wins the game of life.

Ø Keep his/her picture with you and send some of yours to your love. This is a significant step to surviving long-distance love since you two can’t be together physically.

Ø If possible plan visits. This may not be possible in all cases but try your level best and never miss a chance to visit your love partner. In cases where partners are a thousand miles apart, plan an online date – get dressed, create a romantic atmosphere and then with the help of webcam and headphone feel your partner with you. In short, enjoy your e-date. This will help you to keep the magic of love alive.

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It is difficult, it is not impossible to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship. So, don’t let the distance in miles affect your love.

Someone needs to tell you what’s up because obviously, you just can’t take the hint. Believe it or not, there is an ART to flirting. Here are a few tips that’ll keep the INDIA escorts intrigued:

1. Don’t ask for our number right off the bat. It makes you look like a weirdo, and we don’t want a potential psycho-stalker to have any of our vital information. If you and I haven’t talked for at least 15 minutes, the answer is no.

2. Don’t yell things at us when we’re driving. Do you really think we’re going to pull over and talk to you? Seriously, I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish with that.

3. Don’t stare. Again, you look like a weirdo. How about a nice smile and nod instead? Look, then look AWAY. This says, I’m interested AND I’m not an escaped mental patient.

4. Don’t expect us to talk to you if you buy us a drink from across the bar. It’s a nice gesture and everything, but it doesn’t make us feel obligated to come over there. If you want to talk to us, make some kind of effort. We don’t like guys that are too much of a puss to come over and say ‘hi.’

5. Don’t call us on the same night we met. It makes you seem desperate… and kinda creepy. Wait until tomorrow.

6. Don’t talk about how wonderful you are. If you are, in fact, awesome, we can figure it out for ourselves.

7. Just because we are out with a bunch of girls doesn’t mean we are single or that we want to talk to you. If you approach us in a group, we know what you’re after. Wait until the right moment to say something privately to the girl you really like.

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Today we are in the digital age of the world and digital competition is growing day by day, everybody trying to surprise his/her competitors. In the digital world, we cannot keep our rates too high because everyone is trying to be ahead of others. This is really true about all service providers, now everyone trying to reach their customers so easily and rapidly with less effort. This is why they are using every digital way to reach their customers and our India call girls agency is not far away.

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Many years ago there were only a few online dating sites and their membership is quite high which sting your pocket. Those days are gone now you can get many free online dating sites and services. But before joining such a site you should clarify certain points.

Privacy is very important before you join any online dating site. Just because you have joined a free service that doesn’t mean that you have to throw out your privacy from the window. Be sure that those services are not sharing your information with third parties.

Options: Options are another important thing when you join any free online dating services. In other words, if you are looking for a long term relationship then the service must provide you to state these options or if you want to sort out Indian angels who smoke and those who drink too much make sure that online dating sites may provide these facilities that you need.

Filtering: Filtering of person is very necessary for online dating. If you do not like that person who is often trying to contacting you then such services must have the filtering options. Most of the site has these options and it useful when you trying to keep some people away from you. Just for example if you are not interested in someone who is only in your child's age or the person who created a problem you can filter these people out and communicate with those people whom you like.